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Billings personal injury attorney Matthew Braukmann understands the seriousness and urgency when it comes to many personal injury accidents. You have a limited amount of time (known as the statute of limitations) to take legal action in Montana. If you miss that deadline (which is three years for personal injury cases), you could miss out on your opportunity to get the financial compensation you need and deserve.

FAQ About Personal Injury Accidents

Three years might seem like a long time, but the reality is you need to take legal action long before then if you want to have a strong personal injury case in Montana. Why? Because the evidence you need to build a such a case might not be there if you wait too long to take action. Evidence often disappears over time. Memories fade. Witnesses move away. Without them, you could have a hard time convincing an insurance company or a jury that you deserve financial compensation.

We get it at Braukmann Law, PLLC. We know how complicated personal injury accidents can be in Montana. That’s why we want to help. Billings personal injury lawyer Matthew Braukmann knows the law and understands how the legal system works in Montana. Since he handles cases statewide, you can count on him to go the extra mile to work with you.

Common types of personal injury accidents

Personal injury accidents in Billings can cover a wide range. Some of the most common – and most serious – personal injury accidents include:

Remember, you didn’t do anything wrong. You shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s mistakes. Find out how we can help you. Schedule your free case evaluation right now at Braukmann Law PLLC.

Put your trust in a personal injury attorney who puts your needs first

You might think you don’t need a lawyer if someone did something to cause your injury or accident. Because they clearly did something wrong, their insurance company will financially compensate you, correct?

Don’t be so sure. In many cases, many personal injury accidents and other legal cases turn out to be far more complicated. The person responsible for your injury might deny doing anything wrong. Their insurance company will often do anything they can to reduce or deny your insurance claim.

You have too much at risk to leave your future to chance. Accident-related expenses often add up to thousands or even millions of dollars. If your accident claim is denied, you could end up having to pay all those bills out of your own pocket – even though you did nothing wrong.

We can help you demand the justice you deserve. Contact our law firm and schedule an appointment, free of charge, with an experienced Billings personal injury lawyer who puts your best interests first – attorney Matthew D. Braukmann.

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