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Billings motorcycle accident lawyer Matthew Braukmann understands the challenges many bikers face after a serious motorcycle accident. Your injuries can be severe. You might need weeks or months to recover. The most frustrating part is some people – including the at-fault driver’s insurance company – might automatically blame you for causing the crash.

Sadly, there’s a still a myth out there that motorcyclists are dangerous risk-takers. Some people think that all motorcyclists ride too fast, weave in and out of traffic and put everyone on the road in danger. We know the truth. We know that most motorcyclists are law-abiding citizens who follow the rules of the road. That’s why we’re honored to work with you.

At Braukmann Law, PLLC in Billings, Montana accident attorney Matthew Braukmann and the rest of his legal team will take your case seriously right from the start. We’ll carefully investigate your crash. We know what evidence to look for and we will not rest until justice is served. You have rights. We can fight for them. Contact us. We handle cases statewide.

Why do motorcycle accidents happen in Billings?

Motorcycle accidents happen for many different reasons. Some of the most common causes involve other drivers behaving in a reckless or negligent manner, including:

  • Texting drivers
  • Distracted drivers
  • Drivers changing lanes without warning
  • Speeding drivers
  • Drivers who claim they didn’t see the motorcyclists
  • Drunk drivers
  • Tired drivers

Drivers who claim they simply didn’t see you on your motorcycle do not get a free pass. If someone caused your crash, they should be held responsible for their actions. That’s our job and we’re proud to do it. 

Our Billings motorcycle accident lawyer puts your needs first

There’s so much at stake after a motorcycle accident. Depending on the severity of your injuries, your motorcycle accident-related expenses can quickly add up to thousands or even millions of dollars. If you don’t take legal action right away, you could end up having to pay for your motorcycle accident out of your own pocket – even though you did nothing wrong.

That’s not right. That’s why we want to meet with you. When you have an experienced, Billings motorcycle accident attorney on your side, you can demand the money you deserve. You can make sure your rights are respected. Schedule your free case evaluation with us.

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