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Speeding Involved in 35% of Montana's Fatal Crashes

A Billings car accident lawyer provides the details every driver in Montana should know Montana has made great strides in reducing fatal car accidents, but deadly crashes caused by speeding still remain an issue. In fact, 35% of all fatal crashes in Montana cite speeding as a factor, according to new research. For some years,...

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Red-Light Runner Causes Intersection Accident in Billings

A Billings car accident lawyer explains what you need to know A recent three-vehicle intersection accident in Billings, Montana caused by a driver who ran a red light resulted in four injuries that required several people to be taken to nearby hospitals for medical treatment, according to KRTV 3 News. The car accident occurred on...

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Car accident fatalities increase overall in Montana

Our law firm reveals what drivers in Billings should know Even though there were fewer drivers on the road most of last year due to stay-at-home restrictions, the number of car accident fatalities was higher nationwide—and that includes Montana. Across the United States, 42,060 people died in motor vehicle accidents last year, an 8% increase...

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Billings teen dies in tragic rollover crash on I-90

A car accident lawyer explains the risks teen drivers face A 17-year-old driver recently died in a fatal rollover car accident on Interstate 90 in Billings, Montana. The fatal accident is not the first one involving teenage drivers this year in Billings. So far, five teenagers have died in three separate fatal accidents in and...

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How to avoid accidents that might kill you

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke are some of the leading causes of death for people older than 45, but did you know trauma from unintentional injuries is the most common way people younger than that are killed? There are things we as individuals can do to help prevent disease and prolong our lives. We...

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Montana is one of the worst states for drunk driving

Drunk driving is getting out of control in Montana, according to a new study that found a 38% hike in year-over-year DUI-related car accident deaths. An analysis of federal data found that Montana has the highest driving under the influence (DUI) death rate in the United States. In Montana, there are 7.4 drunk driving deaths...

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Don't become a distracted driving statistic

You're taking a sip of coffee while adjusting the GPS settings. All of a sudden your car comes screeching to a halt as you hit another vehicle. This is an occurrence that is all too common, as distracted driving has become an epidemic on America’s highways and roads. Oftentimes the difference between a driver safely...

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What are factors that lead to catastrophic crashes?

When catastrophic crashes occur on Montana roads, we often hear about it in the news. But rarely do we ever acknowledge that it could happen to us or our loved ones. Catastrophic crashes are far worse than minor fender benders. People who are injured in these types of crashes often don't walk away from them....

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Dealing with trucking companies after an accident

Taking legal action after a car accident involving another private motorist is difficult enough, but things get much harder when you're dealing with a trucking company. They have deep pockets and financial incentives to pay you as little as possible. The key to taking on a trucking company is to put experience on your side....

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