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Don't become a distracted driving statistic

You're taking a sip of coffee while adjusting the GPS settings. All of a sudden your car comes screeching to a halt as you hit another vehicle. This is an occurrence that is all too common, as distracted driving has become an epidemic on America’s highways and roads. Oftentimes the difference between a driver safely...

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What are factors that lead to catastrophic crashes?

When catastrophic crashes occur on Montana roads, we often hear about it in the news. But rarely do we ever acknowledge that it could happen to us or our loved ones. Catastrophic crashes are far worse than minor fender benders. People who are injured in these types of crashes often don't walk away from them....

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Dealing with trucking companies after an accident

Taking legal action after a car accident involving another private motorist is difficult enough, but things get much harder when you're dealing with a trucking company. They have deep pockets and financial incentives to pay you as little as possible. The key to taking on a trucking company is to put experience on your side....

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What should I do if I sustained PTSD after a crash?

Most of the emphasis on car accident injuries is placed on physically debilitating injuries. These include bone fractures, traumatic brain injuries and injuries to the spine. Serious car accidents can cause mental and emotional damage that lasts for several years. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one condition that is often linked to car accidents. We...

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Has the traffic fatality rate increased during 2020?

Traffic fatalities have been on the decline across the United States over the last few years. Data released by the National Safety Council shows an estimated 38,000 nationwide road deaths in 2019. That estimate is two percent lower than the 39,404 fatalities in 2018. It is four percent lower than the 40,231 fatalities in 2017....

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Tips for dealing with aggressive drivers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes an alarming increase in dangerous driver behavior that began in the 1990s, often leading to accidents. At its worst, aggressive driving explodes into road range – yelling, gestures, assault and even murder. With so much at stake, why do motorists risk the health and lives of others...

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Beware of delayed injury symptoms

If you were involved in a car accident, you may not have sustained a noticeably severe injury. You may not feel any pain or immobilization at the time of your crash. But don't let that fool you. Even if you feel fine after a crash, it's dangerous to assume that you didn't sustain an injury....

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Will drunk driving increase in Montana this summer?

AAA has dubbed the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekend the "100 Deadliest Days" for a reason. More fatal crashes involving drunk drivers tend to happen during the summer months. The Montana Highway Patrol reports that the overall number of crashes from June 1-16 fell by 11.29 percent in comparison to the same...

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How bad is distracted driving in Montana?

Distracted driving can be any activity that distracts someone from the task of driving. It can include talking or texting on a phone, eating and drinking, talking to people in your car, adjusting a radio or programming GPS navigation. Distracted driving can result in collisions, injuries and death, in addition to traffic violation citations. Distracted...

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What costs are part of a car accident claim?

Car accidents happen to almost everyone, even the safest and most responsible drivers. A single crash can be a devastating and traumatic experience. The aftermath can be worse in many cases and result in a heap of medical expenses and other costs. In many cases, these costs come as a shock. Without an experienced car...

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