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Billings personal injury lawyer Matthew Braukmann knows how complicated accidents can be for everyone involved. Whether you’re hurt in a car accident or injured at work, your life can change in an instant.

You don’t have to go down this road alone. We can be there for you every step of the way. At Braukmann Law, PLLC, we know what you’re going through because we’ve been there before. We know what problems often come up and how to navigate our way through them, especially when it comes to car accidents and other personal injury claims in Montana.

Based in Billings, our law firm works hard for injury victims and will go the extra mile and make the drive to meet with you. We’re here for you when it matters most.

We know how Montana’s legal system works because we have handled many personal injury cases statewide. So, whether you’re dealing with car accident, truck accident, oil field accident or a workers’ compensation claim, you can count on us in a crisis in Montana.

Cases our Billings law firm handles
Car accidents, truck accidents, workers' compensation and more

Our law firm handles a wide range of injury accidents in Montana, particularly when it comes to cases involving car accidents. Contact us and schedule a free case evaluation if you got hurt in any of the following types of accidents in Montana:

Meet Billings car accident attorney Matthew Braukmann
Focusing on finding solutions for your legal case

Born and raised in a small town in Oregon, Matthew Braukmann graduated with honors from Portland State University, where he obtained a bachelor of arts degree in administration of justice. Braukmann then moved to Montana in 2003 to attend the University of Montana School of Law in Missoula, where he earned his law degree in 2005. Braukmann has made Montana his home ever since.

Matthew Braukmann has extensive legal experience, especially when it comes to personal injury cases. He's worked as a defense lawyer, an in-house corporate attorney and has handled cases in a wide range of fields. The more he worked, the more he realized he wanted to focus his energy on helping people injured in accidents in Billings. Attorney Braukmann is licensed to practice law at the state and federal level in Montana, Wyoming and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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If you need a personal injury attorney in Billings, we're the law firm you need

Billings attorney Matthew Braukmann understands how confusing all of this might seem. Your legal case might seem straightforward. You got hurt in an accident caused by someone else. All you need to do is call your insurance company and they will take care of everything or help you file your workers' compensation claim, right?

Don't be so sure. In many cases, accidents turn out to be far more complicated than people first suspect. This is especially true if you're dealing with a car accident or personal injury claim. That's why it's important to talk to a personal injury attorney who knows how handle your legal case.

There are so many different issues that can come up after you sustain an injury. The other driver might deny doing anything wrong, the person who caused your injury might try to blame you, or their insurance company might deny your claim, even though you did nothing wrong. Whatever the circumstances, we can help you take a stand to protect your rights.

Dealing with a car accident, truck accident or workers' compensation claim in Billings? Get the lawyer who gets results.

Personal injury attorney Matthew Braukmann realizes experience matters when it comes to choosing the right lawyer to represent you. That’s why we’re proud to be the choice for many Billings injury victims when it matters most.

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Attorney Braukmann knows how to find the facts that matter to build a strong legal case. He knows how to negotiate with insurance companies or take them to court if necessary. Whether you’re dealing with a construction accident, oil rig accident, truck accident or a workers’ compensation claim, count on Braukmann Law, PLLC.

Matt is one of the most knowledgable attorneys I know. We were lawschool classmates and I have worked with Matt after entering private practice. I would recommend the highest rating for Matt, and I would recommend any one of my family members to Matt for representation.

Really good attorney.

Solid character, good family man, high integrity. Good lawyer, getting better.

From workers’ compensation to construction accidents, you need a Billings lawyer who goes the extra mile

Billings workers' compensation lawyer Matthew Braukmann understands the urgency of your case. The same is true with personal injury accidents. Whether you’re dealing with a job injury, a construction accident, a car crash or another type of claim, the clock is running. After your accident, you often only have a limited amount of time to take legal action in Montana. Wait too long and you could miss out on your opportunity for workers’ compensation or other benefits. That’s why we want to meet with you and get straight to work on your case.

The financial impact of your accident can be staggering. Whether you were hurt at work or injured in a crash caused by someone else, you could end up with thousands or even millions of dollars in medical bills, lost wages and other accident-related expenses. This is especially true with car accidents, truck accidents and workers' compensation claims in Montana.

The bottom line – you shouldn’t have to pay for these things on your own. If you got hurt in an accident caused by someone else, you deserve to be compensated. Contact our law firm right now and get the justice you deserve. Schedule your free case evaluation today with a Billings personal injury lawyer who puts your interests first.

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